GoldenDoor Home Management Software

You'll spend less time managing your family and more time enjoying them!


Categories for Household Finances • Recurring Income • Recurring Expenses with Due Dates


Expenses with Register/Log • Saving for Financial Goals • Expected Mail & Deliveries List • Expected Refunds List


Shared Family Calendar • Planning Activities • Grocery Lists & Meals • Shopping Research

Welcome! If you're looking to invest, there is a great opportunity in the world of home management.

The current options are a homemade system using paper notebooks, spreadsheets, and/or a bunch of separate apps. None of these truly help manage a home efficiently.

GoldenDoor is one website or desktop program that allows the happenings of a home to be managed from one place!

I'm looking for a total investment of $500,000 with a minimum $10,000 per investor.

I've made what I can in Excel as an example. The next step will be to work with a software developer to turn it into a user-friendly program.

Watch the video to see samples of key features.

I would love for you to be a part of GoldenDoor and I hope you have a GOLDEN day!


The Best Part: It's All Connected!


Here's an example scenario if you were shopping for a watch.

Use the Plan section to take notes as you shop and research: article on what to look for in buying a watch, brands considering, and notes on what reviewers say. (No more re-reading reviews.)

The price is more than this month’s Gift budget. The Budget section is used to save up and reserve the amount so it’s there when it comes time to buy the watch.

When you purchase the watch, use the Track section to record it in the checking account register and deduct it from Budget Gift Category.

The watch is now on the Expected Mail & Orders List, including the expected arrival date and tracking ID link.

The Dashboard shows you the watch should arrive today.

The Calendar reminds you today to give the watch as a present!

Contact me here if you would like to be either a silent or involved investor. Feel free to share it with anyone you think may be interested.

Thank you!